The Bowery Bum – New York

Hey – who says they’ve cleaned up The Bowery? I mean, there may be a Whole Foods market there now…and an art gallery and museum or two…but just last week I spotted this bum hangin’ around down there…with all of her belongings stuffed in an old canvas bag, a beat-up plaid work shirt in case it gets cold at night, and a musty old fedora that she probably found at like the Salvation Army or somewhere. Jeez – I thought Giuliani fixed this broken town??

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  1. SO cute! I just adore her shorts, such effortless style!

  2. gorgeous! love her shorts!

  3. Stunning woman dressed in a chic way to beat the heat. Bravo!

  4. Beautiful girl. Cute outfit too. But then is there something she could wear that would look bad?

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