Tell Me I’m Your National Anthem

On the street in Brooklyn – summer 2013.


  • Alena says:

    heeey mr Newton, what about a girl with a fluttering skirt of a black shirt-dress at the flea market? :) I tried so so hard) xoxo

  • Mr. Newton says:

    @Alena – coming soon – photo looks great! :)

  • Alli says:

    hi mr newton!!! great pics, can’t wait to see the ones from shark attack sounds, i told my mom i’m gonna be internet famous!

  • taylor lashae says:

    very curious to see all the pictures from the 4th!!! :)

  • Mr. Newton says:

    @Alli – you already are famous! Or you should be anyway… hehe

    @taylorlashae – the photos from the 4th at Rockaway Beach and the Playland Motel are coming next! Excited to post them!

  • Maria says:

    Great photo!

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