Taxi To Le Bain

Arriving via NYC taxi on Sunday night at Le Bain

My L.A. actress friend Michelle is in town for a few days on business and to celebrate her birthday…that’s her in the top photos wearing the black tulle skirt. On Sunday, I went to Le Bain for sunset with her and Kaylee and Lo and Lena and other friends…then we hit a backyard party on the LES…and later on to Kenmare and St. Jerome. There were only a few people at St. Jerome on a Sunday…including a Lady Gaga look-a-like who was sitting on a stool at the bar kissing her boyfriend. (What do you mean that actually was Lady Gaga??) Then believe it or not, back to Bain…then Sway…then Lit. Then Lena fell out of a taxi and I decided to call it a night. (She didn’t get hurt though and she looked really good while falling because she was wearing vintage YSL!) xx Mr. Newton

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  1. What a way to make an entrance, that sheer skirt is pure drama. Love the falling out of the cab captures!

  2. falling out of a taxi requires a certain je ne sais quoi – so thank GOD she was in YSL.

  3. gorgeous girls! love new york…love your blog!

  4. I just found your blog…really cool pics!

    Life in New York just looks like never ending fun 😀

  5. looove the top 4 photos!
    and i’m impressed by how nonplussed the taxi driver seems to be x

  6. Your friend Michelle = Blake Lively 2.0 (but with a teensy bit more edge). Hope to see more of her soon!

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