Still smart but no longer a geek, Tavi is starting to look AMAZING – don’t you think?? I mean when I’m out shooting street style, she and Daphne Guinness are like the top of the top for me. Have you seen the New Yorker this week? There’s an 8-page profile on her called “Tavi Says” – not available online.

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  1. love ~~~~~my love

  2. If I were Japanese I would totally like wait at the airport for her or something! 🙂

  3. Respect of her development and amazing how fast growing her fan community is. But still I dont get her look. I agree, it is a copy of the Japanese teenage culture.

  4. Well, I prefer to think of her look as an “improvement upon” Japanese teenage culture.

    Or even more specifically, she riffs on high-end designers who riff on junky Japanese trends. Now that some of these same high-end designers are starting to riff on HER, it’s all getting a bit too meta to contemplate so I just shoot photos and enjoy it and try not to think.

  5. i just think everything about her is amazing. to have been making this kind of impact when i was her age! just imagining that is nuts. what a cool girl, all around. i love that she doesn’t seem affected by all the naysayers, either.


  6. So grown up! Love that hair.

  7. Tavi is love.

  8. It’s like the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Not sure what all the fuss is over this nerd. She is rather unfortunate on the eyes and her mix of patterns/textures is horrible. Why has she become an ‘it girl’? Just goes to show you the public are sheep pretty much.

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