Swimming To Houston

A vintage boys swimsuit I spotted on Houston Street yesterday – in the midst of an early summer heat wave!

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  1. This is so, so cool! and her hair is amazing.

  2. Fantastic and very creative!

    The Styleseer

  3. Those glasses are amazing and what an awesome vintage suit! It’s also a great photo <33 Where do you like to cool off in Manhattan?

  4. I need to meet, and befriend, this girl – solely to borrow the above swimsuit. If she’s nice, that would be cool too.

  5. @a refinaria – yes! I heart her hair!

    @sara – I’m always on the lookout for a good rooftop pool – there are a few hotels in midtown like the Parker Meridien where you can pay-per-day and use their pool – or you can try to sneak into the pool at the Thompson LES. Or you could take a dip at Le Bain at the Standard. Also – I love to get on the LIRR and do a day trip to Long Beach or Jones Beach!

  6. Thats me!!! crap on the camel toe, was wearing a sheer cover up that had to go for the sake of the pic, no mirror to adjust:/ But i had just cut all my hair off so thanks thanks!

  7. Love the outfit!

    Also, she seems to have a cool attitude and you can see it clearly in the photo…

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