Summer Romance

It’s a rather sordid-yet-ongoing affair between one man, a camera, and the stylish girls of New York City…which look is your favorite?? xxx

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  1. Love these shots! my favourites are the girl with the jeans short and white shirt, and the girl with dress and converse.

  2. i love these photos- makes me appreciate new york even more!

  3. loving the first one on the right in the first row and both on the sixth row! obsessed with white dresses 😀

  4. Wow,, they’re all so gorgeous. The girl in the white dress and red shoes hailing a taxi looks a little like Ali Carter =)

  5. I’d have to say, the girl in the white dress hailing the taxi, and the girl in the black top and stone coloured pants. Great shots all up though! 🙂
    – Matea

  6. The girl with the striking coral shoes is mind blowing.

  7. i love 1st, 4th and 10th pic but especially the 1st one!

  8. i would totally go with the girl waiting for a taxi with pink heels,
    her look is so naive.
    I LOVE IT!

  9. Girl in the red shorts, hands down!

  10. Wow, really amazing looks!!

  11. Love the outfit of the girl hailing a taxi and the purple t-shirt w/ the black skirt!

    <3 Kelly

  12. Hi – wow thanks everyone for all of your comments! I loved hearing who your favorites are here!

    I like them all of course – or else I wouldn’t have shot their photos. A couple of particular favorites though are the 2nd girl with the dog and delicate floral print dress and patent tan/nude heels…and the 4th girl with the scalloped shorts and suede heeled oxfords.

  13. The girl with the dog is the homie Nabila and her dog Bo! Beautiful as usual!

  14. My favorite is the girl with the dog. Is it possible to know where her dress and shoes are from? I love her look…

  15. #1 hands DOWN! That purple jumpsuit with the cognac accessories is perfectly summer chic! Love it!

  16. Hi Lily – yes that’s one of my faves too! I’m pretty sure her shoes are Steve Madden…the dress I don’t know.

  17. Hi Mr. Newton- Thanks! I found them 🙂

  18. LOVE the girl hailing a cab, the coral high-heeled mary janes? To die for!

  19. i love the girl with the coral heels, too!

  20. the girl with the really pretty reddish hair, white tank & yellow shorts, and gladiators, and the girl whose hair is slicked back in a nice pony in the striped ruffled dress and aviators…those are by far my favorites. just simple and very pretty to look at.

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