Summer Lovin’

Hey – here are my photos from the Cut Copy show on the waterfront in Williamsburg. I’ll be there again this Sunday…hanging in the AllSaints pub…eating at least two delicious pizzas from Roberta’s…shooting photos – you should come! (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for a cool video that will give you a better idea about how this shizz all goes down…) It’s summer in New York! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. You always have the coolest pictures 🙂

  2. so so so great i’ve so many favourites from this! & dorothea looks so good

  3. These photos are awesome! And yes to what Sandi said – you always choose the best people to photograph!

  4. Sandi + Esther + Natasha – aww thanks…you guys are so sweet! xxx

  5. aw….so many cute people in this! the video was awesome. that’s the kind of thing i live for!

    i swear if i ever meet you mr. newton, you will be getting one ginormous hug from me.

  6. Love these pictures. So fun and refreshing! Great style!

    Milana from FashionStyleAdvice

  7. many beautiful looks. Love summer for casual and comfortable styles.
    It is pity in France and especially in Paris there are not many festivals like this one!

  8. i love all the looks…especially the red jumper shorts with the black top.

  9. Elizabeth – you’re very sweet – if we meet, I think a ginormous hug is pretty darn likely to happen, yes.


  10. pretty ashamed to say i’ve never heard of this williamsburg waterfront, and i live just a quick train ride away! maybe i will check it out this sunday!


  11. Ah! I love those red jumper shorts so much! Best photo’s ever. 😀

  12. the grrl in the yellow pants! killer!

  13. sorry, commented on the wrong post… but i think you know who i am talking about 😉

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