Summer Flashback – The Pool Parties

OK – so there’s no pool and it’s not really a party. It’s more of a get together…or an outdoor concert…or a weekly festival. Whatever they want to call it though, the weekly outdoor summer happenings in East River Park in Williamsburg are one of my fave things about summer in the city. I was there nearly every weekend last summer (I missed the first one) and – great news – the organizers have recently been given the green light to do it all again for summer 2010. Nice one New York City. (Some other things I’m looking forward to next summer in NYC are Shake Shack Nolita and the secret Dumpster pool kids possibly getting permits to take their pool parties to a wider audience – a real pool party!) For now, let’s pretend it’s not winter and check out some street fashion photos I shot in and around The Pool Parties – summer 2009. xx Mr. Newton







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  1. Pretty girls and pretty photos Mr. Newton!

  2. these posts are torture! lol. I cannot wait to live it up again, summer ’09 was my favorite yet. 🙂

  3. I see some really cute outfits and getting great energy out of these! I’m off to a beach vacation next month so I’m hugely inspired right now.

  4. Number one and the girl with the heart-shaped purse look so sweet, and all the photos make me want to be in New York with these girls. All so cute! Come on summer.

  5. mr newton, im beginning to doubt your eye for fashion from the first two pics of this post – yow.

  6. Sandy – I can appreciate your comment…but my site is really more of a scene site rather than purely a fashion site. I love fashion…but I try to remain open to posting photos of people (girls) who look fun…or interesting…or sexy…or cool…or who have a certian je ne sais quoi about them. A photo blog needs an editor (you don’t want to post everything you shoot), but to edit with too harsh of a critical eye for only the ultra-fashionable and the beautiful can make a blog feel boring and homogeneous.

  7. Love how natural those girl are!

  8. MeganC – just wanted to say thanks for your blog post – well written!

  9. This reply may not be timely, but I just discovered your site thanks to knightcat, and I wanted to say how much I love these pics, and can’t wait for summer! These are GREAT, at first I wasn’t sure if it was billyburg or not, so many unique inspired looks! You have a great eye. Don’t know why anyone would object to the first 2 pics, they’re gorgeous.

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