Style Cadet

When I first spotted Caroline in Soho it was her trashy/chic socks-and-Marni-heels combo that caught my eye. (Hey, at least I’m honest.) Upon closer inspection though what I really went bananas for was her vintage Canadian military jacket. I especially loved all of the original patches saying things like “Captain Vancouver” and “Sea Cadets” – love them! I was also struck by how she seemed to be wearing this jacket almost as a short belted trench. Given that she’s a petite girl, it’s not that surprising that a man’s jacket would fit her more like a trench…but it fit her nicely through the shoulders as well…so the fit was more like a new piece from a women’s wear designer’s military-inspired collection…rather than an actual vintage piece. A classic example of “how to work a bit of vintage quirk into an otherwise off-the-rack look” if you ask me. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. gotta love a style cadet. you always pick the greatest little fashionistas. i love watching your blog. and i wish i would see more. you can always dream! love from paris.

  2. Love her whole outfit!

  3. Love the details of her jacket!

  4. her shoes rock!!! Love her quirky smile too 😀

  5. Great picture–love the position of the legs, and those shoes.

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