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Elin Kling is nothing short of an icon in Swedish fashion circles – I’ve shot her photo on several different occasions in Stockholm. I was happy to see her at Lincoln Center early yesterday as I’ve never run into her in New York before. Little did I know she was to be one of a trio of well known Scandinavians who would cross my path during the course of the day…scroll down to see photos of the other two Nordic beauties. It’s Scandinavians in New York day on Mr. Newton! xx

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  1. oh, i’m in love with her blog! beautiful photo as always

  2. love the photo!
    and while talking about scandinavs, you can actually say that you saw 3,5 since tavi is half norwegian, haha

  3. Beautiful Elin. J’Aime.


  4. She is amazing!!!! loooove her blog 🙂

  5. I am loving your blog and all the inspiration! It actually makes me want to look my best!

  6. looking good as always !

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