Street Style Live – Morgane

Street Style Live – Morgane from Mr. Newton on Vimeo.

Hi there – so here’s a little video that I shot in Paris with Morgane! You might remember her photo from the same day which I posted earlier. I had planned to shoot several of these videos with different girls during Paris Fashion Week…but then my camera was stolen…and my game plan for the week had to be changed a bit. Moving forward though, I’ll be shooting and posting videos occasionally – I hope you guys like them! It’s early days, but my idea with video at the moment is to provide a bit of behind-the-scenes insight into my blog…and a little insight into the girls that I select to shoot…and just a little insight into shooting street style in general…and jeez, I hope that doesn’t sound pompous or overblown? It’s just that I get lots of emails asking things like, “who are these girls?” do you know them or are they strangers?” “how do you approach them – what do you say?” “are they models?” “what kind of camera do you use?”, etc. I thought this might be a fun way to answer some of these questions. The basic idea behind film and video anyway is to take a still photo and make it come to life, right? xx Mr. Newton

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  1. this is an amazing idea! i love knowing why you took the picture, what these people sound like, etc…

  2. Hi Paige – thank you – I’m glad you like this! Yeah, it’s always fun just hearing what people sound like, isn’t it? Seems like they often don’t sound like what you were expecting they would.

    For real though, I just wanted to add another dimension to some of the girls that I shoot…and introduce them in another way to you guys…and, ehh – just do something different and keep things fun and interesting hopefully! x

  3. LOVE this! Please do more videos!

  4. I love the video idea (and everything else about your blog actually). I felt for a little moment like I was there in Paris, so thanks 🙂

  5. Love this idea!! I want more of these 🙂

  6. I love your voice!!!! And in the other hand, the streetstyle blogs are full of the perfect looks, but now… we will have a feeling about the person, not only the look. Fantastic.

  7. Thank you meri, Mallory, Keren, and Karen! I’m truly excited to shoot more of these and to try to make them better and cooler and more fun and more whatever – just more!

    Yeah my voice is pretty crazy I know! Just be glad you don’t have to look at me, hehe! Oh well, when people get sick of street style I can start my voice-over career. 🙂


  8. Pretty tight 🙂

    ……you could totally beat out Morgan Freeman

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