Street Muse – Francesca

There are so many beautiful and fashionable girls wandering around New York and other fashion capitals…and most of them are not models, but just normal girls going about their daily business…the street muses. I really appreciate each and every one of them and the effort they make towards making our cities better (cooler, prettier, more interesting) places to live. Today I present for your consideration – Francesca. xx



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  1. What a fabulous photo! Francesca looks amazing, her urban street look gives New York a creative feel. love it!

  2. the bag is awesome

  3. Love Francesca!

    Great headband.


  4. Thank-you very much 🙂 xx
    It was great to meet you on a sunny day in Soho, New York 🙂
    p.s I love your blog!!!

  5. Francesca – it was great meeting you too gorgeous! Thanks for letting me shoot your photo. I’m happy that you like my blog! You know…I was just looking back through some photos and I realized that I’d shot your photo before…don’t know if you saw this…here’s the link…


  6. She’s hot! Got any more photos of her?

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