Spring Awakening!

It’s spring! It’s spring! It’s…actually sort of grey and cold today.
BUT – as you can see from my recent NYC photos below, we’ve mostly had lots and lots of sunny, warm weather so far this season. Which means lots and lots of sunny street fashion looks on display. I hope you find something here to inspire your own warm weather sartorial choices…or maybe you’ll just find a photo of a cutie who you think is super hot…I’m always as excited about the girls who wear the clothes as I am about the clothes – more so even. I’m heading out shortly to the Two Door show tonight at Bowery Ballroom…more photos and other goodies soon! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. ohhhh so much inspiration!!!

    the weather hasn´t been too good lately…but oh how I would love to wear any of these outfits!!!

  2. my goodness you’re good at that. So many beautiful people. I’m especially obsessed with the floor length skirt with the crazy slit!


  3. Love the girl in the long strand of pearls (and the guy next to her)!

  4. beautiful looks!!

  5. great shots! amazing NYC style :]


  6. wow wow I love your blog! The best!

  7. Spring street style makes me happy! The girl in her tai chi pattern jumpsuit is soooo cool!

  8. i always always love your photos so much <3

  9. Great pictures, specially the ones of Hanneli, she always looks amazing!

  10. i love these looks! great pics!

    and you are SO lucky to get to see two door!!!! i pray that they come over to seattle. :]

  11. i love the girl in the cut out wang socks! they are amazing!

  12. Spring awakening indeed!!!! Cool pics!

  13. i love everyone!! but if i had to pick big glasses and bright headscarf!!

  14. There are so many amazing outfits in this collection that I can’t even handle it. I don’t know where to begin.

    Passport Smiles

  15. What kind of hat is Ruby Aldridge wearing? I keep seeing it everywhere these days. 🙂

  16. wow some really amazing and inspiring outfits! the girl with the heart tights is soo cute :3
    love your site!!

  17. Hey Patricia Ann – Ruby’s hat was some sort of black wool felt men’s fedora…the kind of hat sometimes worn by gnarly-yet-dashing 60’s rockers like Bob Dylan. You could find something similar by a designer who does 60’s/70’s rock-and-roll inspired clothes for men (e.g. John Varvatos)…or you could just go to an old school men’s hat shop in your city if you have one…we have several retro hat shops here in NYC. (NEVER buy a hat online though…hats need to be tried on…loads of hats that look great in photos can look ridiculous when you put them on…haha…if you’ve ever gone hat shopping, I’m sure you know what I mean.)

  18. Hi Terri – I think those shorts might be Phillip Lim – but I’m not sure. I don’t know this girl but I think she works somewhere in Soho, NYC. If I see her again soon, I’ll ask her about them – watch this space!


  19. there isnt a single photo here that i dont love !!! i really love the pic of the girl with the colorful floral dress with the tights and tough boots. Your work is amazing. Where i come from (which is ohio) u dont c anything like this 🙂 <3 it all.

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