“Spotted” On South Beach

Spotted on Collins Ave. (above) – her vintage Versace leopard-print pants and South Beach, Miami are a pretty perfect match, don’t you think? You can see more looks below…and some party photos and stuff too…all shot on my first night at Art Basel Miami Beach, Nov. 30th 2011.

So I’m back from Miami now – I decided to stick around for a couple of weeks after Art Basel ended. I was doing a shoot down there…and I was also working on a couple of magazine/web deadlines with photos that I’d shot previously…and well, all that aside, it’s just darn hard to get on a plane bound for somewhere wintry when the place where you are currently is 80 degrees and sunny! The Miami apt. that I was renting was available…so I mixed in some pool and spa time at The Standard, some beach time at The Delano, and no small amount of Cuban pork sandwiches from Puerto Sagua in with my end-of-year work wrap-up. Now that my deadlines and pseudo-vacation are finished though, I really want to get all of my Miami photos up here on Mr. Newton ASAP! On this first night, I was chatting with my boy Brainwash…kicking it with thecobrasnake…and watching Soulwax play live (along with 2manydjs) on the beach at The Raleigh at the Jeffrey Deitch/Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A. party. It was a great start to a great weekend – despite the fact that it’s always a bit disorienting to get off a less-than-3-hour flight from chilly NYC and find yourself dancing on a tropical beach! More soon… xo Mr. Newton

(P.S. – Speaking of magazine and web deadlines – here’s the link to one of the projects I was working on while in Miami – “Harper’s Bazaar + Mr. Newton’s 50 Best Street Style Looks of 2011″ – with my comments on all 50 looks! Hope you guys like… )


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