“Spotted” On Crosby Street – New York

“Spotted” recently (get it?) on Crosby Street – her entire look is composed of Mr. Newton summer favorites! Polka dots? Yep. Nautical stripes? She’s got ’em. Shorts? You bet. Chic sandals? But of course.
Shorts in particular are a warm weather favorite of mine – the best ones look chic but never trying-too-hard. Also – a summer outfit has got to be comfortable – otherwise you’re missing the whole point of the season. She looks so pulled-together yet amazingly comfortable. The cutest styling touch is how she’s knotted her shirt – love that. xx Mr. Newton

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  1. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This is such a great look! It’s so chic and I love the styling down to every little detail. Wonderful!


  3. This is a wonderful example of how to make shorts look chic and sophisticated. Love the combination of stripes and polka dots. The Grecian sandals are a nice counterpoint to the graphic pieces and the tied shirt is perfect.

    The Styleseer

  4. Love her! Great eye Mr. Newton!

  5. I think this is easily one of my favourite looks out of your site! I think, like you said, nothing looks contrived or like she’s “trying”. It’s all just very effortless, comfortable, yet very very chic. Love love love.

    Alexandra xo


  6. good look.

  7. What a beautiful girl, and so easy going looking. Yes comfortable, AND long-legged too!

  8. Love this look. Nice pic!

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