She’s Well “Red”

Red hot summer street style in New York…with Judith on Prince Street… xx

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  1. Love it! Redheads look so good in red. And I like how she DIY-ed (i suppose) her blazer into a vest.

  2. She looks ridiculously good in red!!!

  3. Yes, that’s really great 🙂 long time since I’ve seen something that original!
    x AR

  4. The two reds jar a bit but the contrast with the green in the first picture does save the shots! Thanks a lot for sharing. Very interesting.

  5. i really like this post! great blog don’t ever stop blogging:)

  6. so into monochromatic especially when it is very bold!! great photos.

  7. oh someone who’s legs are as pale as mine!

    she looks absolutely stunning

  8. This girl is so lovely!!! Love the all red!!!!

  9. represent the redheads!

  10. I’m in love with this girl! She pulls off red so well.

  11. She’s amazing!

  12. you see, this is why i wish i was a redhead!
    she is beautiful. kind of molly ringwald-esque, but more of a “ravishing in red” instead of “pretty in pink”.

  13. Suits her so well !

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