Sexy Devils

Hi – these photos were shot over the course of two nights – 10/30 and 10/31 – at The Standard (The Boom Boom Room and Le Bain), the Tribeca Grand Hotel, Kenmare, and on the streets of New York City…it’s Halloween 2010, Mr. Newton style! xx

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  1. A TRUE photographer has an “EYE” and can truly “CAPTURE”…sexxxy devils even if they tried to flee ;P

  2. Truly amazing! I adore your photography!

  3. Wow! I wanna sell my soul to the devil! 🙂 Great pictures!
    Could it be that I am living in the wrong city!?

  4. Fantastic, very stylish blog! Alot of inspiration !!!

  5. WOW! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

  6. This is just awesome! I want a halloween party to go to!

  7. The girl dressed as a football player is wearing my school’s jersey!

  8. there is a lot of beligerence happening here. the redheaded ketchup is awesome.

  9. i like devils!!!!!!!!

  10. awesome party!
    loved Harley-Viera Newton dressed as a quarterback, so cool!

  11. haha loving the anna wintour!! so on point. hope you had a great halloween!

  12. Very sexy indeed! LOVE THESE!!

  13. I’m upset about the slutbaggery, you usually have more chic girls on your site than this…

  14. I hear you s…but…

    These parties – and my photos that I shot at these parties – mixed the chic with the slutbag. And I’m cool with that. If you look closely, you’ll see magazine editors, models, edgy fashion designers, actresses, and Parisian club owners among the crowd. Besides that it’s Halloween…which as I’m sure you’ve noticed has taken on a bit of an “adult” vibe lately.

    Also – and I feel strongly about this – I don’t want my blog to only be about things that are undeniably “chic”. I try where possible to steer it away from even being a fashion blog at all. I like the edgy…I like the gritty…I like half-naked and even completely naked girls…I like music…I like fashion…I like big cities…I like food…I like parties…I like art…I like photography. In my mind at least, my blog is about all of this. I don’t have a filter whereby in my head I’m working on some half-assed version of Vogue and I can only post things that people will find “chic”.

    My blog to me is often about “interesting things that I saw while I was out walking around a large city”. Because pretty girls who know how to dress well are often high on my list of “interesting things”, my blog often comes out looking like a style blog. Which it sort of is…but not really.

  15. Well said Mr. Newton

    “I like half-naked and even completely naked girls” couldn’t agree more

    “Because pretty girls who know how to dress well are often high on my list of “interesting things”,” –isn’t this the best!!


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