Sexy Cop, Asian Lagerfeld

Hey – I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mr. Newton went out in New York on Halloween night…xx

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  1. I can’t decide which one is my fave, they are all amazing Mr. Newton! I do love love the ballet girls, they are super hot!
    and SJ you look incredible!!

  2. Asian Karl Lagerfeld is by far my favorite costume of all time! AMAZING! The “Pretty Woman” chick is also incredible — not easy to pull that dress off!


  3. LOL Lady Gaga xD Love that Lagerfeld costume! And the Wizard of Oz gang is too cute!

  4. We did have fun that night… Didn’t we? 😉 I love Mr. Newton!

  5. i love this post as i didnt get halloween and its great to see some of the costumes people came up with around the place. love the lady gaga and lagerfield. so funny !

  6. the masquerade ball definitely feels like old New York…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Tropic Boys were my favorite!

  7. Hot photos! The Pretty Woman girl has an amazing body – damn.

  8. New Yorkers always do it best…


  9. i really want asian lagerfield to be my best friend 😀
    he such an awesome little mofo!

  10. Great costumes, I’ve always wanted to go as a lala teletubbie! And the Tropic BBallers are awesome.

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