Seventh Avenue – 3:55pm

Daphne leaving the Calvin Klein show. I know she has kids and stuff…and to my knowledge she’s not a druggie…but…in many ways, she really is like a modern-day version of Edie Sedgwick. They certainly resemble each other somewhat physically – and she conveys that poor-little-rich-girl-lost-in-the-art/fashion-world vibe that was Edie’s trademark. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities on this day as she was wearing this cool retro-inspired, high-necked, long-sleeved, stripey frock…this look is ready to go from dinner at a posh uptown restaurant to a new art opening downtown. I’m sure Andy would have loved her.

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  1. Actually, she looks a little like Andy Warhol in the right picture. On the other note, her style is amazing. She looked a little bit toned down here though.

  2. Ah! Loves it! The dress is amazing! and her head piece!!

  3. Love her and love these photos!

  4. Totally original middle-aged woman. Rare and sweet. Her hair is the best part of her whole look – the bleach blond front with the black back is so defining. There must be more middle-aged women like her out there … you find them Mr. Newton.

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