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A techno-hippie on the Upper West Side! Spotted near the NYFW tents at Lincoln Center, her tech-y tie-dyed caftan had me flashing back for a moment to the desert and Coachella and glam summer festival style. Her jewelry is pitch-perfect as well – the long silver medallion necklace with the black feathers is the perfect accessory for this outfit. Not completely sold on the shoes and socks…but they do drag her look out of mid-summer and add a touch of fall and a return to “serious” dressing if nothing else. xx

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  1. Yes I often find myself blogging about bloggers! They generally have great style and are often interesting people to boot. In this case I didn’t know that she is a blogger – I just really liked her look.

  2. she’s too lovely!

  3. Beautiful dress, powerful color, it’s fun and cool. Wearable = comfortable and feminine.

  4. That’s a really great and creative look!

  5. the dress is perfect for her skin colour

  6. i’m sold on the footwear, for exactly the reasons you mentioned!

    gorgeous outfit. even the makeup brings it all together.

  7. Thanks for taking this shot of me and the other one (in the white lace dress with bell sleeves).

    See you next NYFW hopefully!!!

    Take care,


  8. Karen – you’re beautiful. It was my pleasure to take your photo! See you soon I hope.

  9. I lovvvve. She is stunning!! I love all of your shots to be honest.
    You have such a great eye for the most stylish/beautiful ladies, and your blog is now MY FAVE for inspiring street looks.

    x x x x Liv

  10. tell me who the dress is!! please! love love love

  11. nevermind i found it on her blog 🙂
    which also drew my attention to the FABULOUS multi-finger snake ring on her left hand!

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