Purple Reign

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  1. pure adoration!! amazing detail, & a perfect pout and pose to go with it too

  2. Darling you must be colourblind, it’s clearly a dark blue not purple!!

  3. I like the combi with each detail. It’s trendy because dark blue will be a hit this fall (but above all for shoes!)

  4. It’s sort of a purple-y, blue-ish, royal, navy, deep purple kind of color. I can say this though – I have a few dark blue shirts/jackets that I like to wear – but if I were wearing something in this exact color, I would feel like I was wearing purple. (I prefer my dark blues to sit closer to black – like a midnight blue.) So to me, this is purple – even though it’s sort of blue. Mr. Newton doesn’t wear purple.

  5. Wow, that is an eye and style-catching outfit. Like the design updates of the jumpsuit with the lace detail and the front button placket. Hope we can follow each other and share fashion based topics.

  6. Hi holierthannow – yes! IFB – can’t wait – I’ll be there early and I’m shooting photos too! Hope to see you…


  7. Dope blog.
    Alex (www.alexingram.com)

  8. wow, stunning neckline, and sunglasses too.

  9. She looks fantastic! The color is beautiful and the neckline is incredible. This look oozes chic confidence! Loving the glasses as well, they are perfectly suited for this outfit.

    – Halie

  10. love the details at the top, so interesting! xx
    would love your opinion of my blog if you have time 🙂

  11. Damn, I wouldn’t have guessed this was street fashion… Someone could definitely have convinced me that this was a couture shot!

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