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Hi guys – if you haven’t made it down to the Brooklyn Flea lately (don’t even tell me you’ve never been) – well this weekend is your last chance for some fun outdoor flea shopping and stylish people watching and yummy artisanal food sampling, etc. After this weekend, the Flea moves indoors for the winter season…which is not as much fun. (But then I’m not the sort of person who tends to associate the words “winter” and “fun” a great deal anyway – perhaps I should take up snowboarding or something?) Anyway, I hope to see some of you guys out there this weekend! I spotted these stylish cuties at the Flea last Sunday, 11.13.11. Have a great weekend everyone! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Pretty photos & pretty girls. The last one is Julia Stegner!

  2. 3rd one is my favorite! cool!

  3. So much inspiration! I love that girls are wearing baggy clothing and still looking chic! The tights in the first photo are amazing, and it looks like leggings are here to stay… which means time to stock up! 🙂

    Amazing photos as always, you have such an eye for noticing even the tiniest details!!

  4. The first girl’s look is the best, although the last one is pretty damn good and she has the cute animal accessory!

    The Styleseer

  5. You New York girls are gorgeous. I love the pussycat bag and doggy in arms look. It’s very Melbourne!

  6. Love! xx

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