Party In The U.S.A.


Hi – it’s Sunday afternoon at the Mr. Newton HQ. The team and I are getting ready to fly out to Paris on Tuesday/29th. (The team consists of two people – me and myself. Getting ready consists of – a laundry mountain. Just FYI.) Before I leave town though I want to post as many of my photos from New York Fashion Week as possible…I’ll be posting photos from Paris next week…but no sense in letting these New York photos just sit on my hard drive…I want to get them up here so you guys can see them! Here are my photos from Fashion’s Night Out. I mostly wandered all over Soho and the West Village that night…my first stop was the teenVogue runway show featuring a performance from The Pretty Reckless, i.e. The Tay Momsen Band…I then hit up Opening Ceremony’s block party and store party on Howard Street (they were selling Band of Outsiders bow ties out of an old truck while the DJs banged “Party In the U.S.A.” by Miley – fun times)…then I wrapped up the night hanging with my pals at the Prada store party featuring The Rapture. xx Mr. Newton

















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  1. Your pictures are simply stunning – they all made me so happy!

  2. awesome pictures!
    but wow, how old is Taylor Momsen again? also, she should consider taking out “The” or “Pretty” from her band name. I know a lot of good bands have names beginning with “The” but “The Pretty Reckless” just doesn’t sound right…just saying. :b

  3. Hey Christen – thanks so much! I’m glad they made you happy. Life should be happy…fashion/travel/photography/food/art/music…these are all pleasures in life. These things all make me happy…which is why I cannot resist sharing them with you and others!

    Hey Lucy – yeah Tay dresses beyond her years. If you see her around though, she seems like a good kid. I’ve met her Mom and stuff – she seems to have her head on straight – for the time being at least. She’s no Courtney Love! She’s just fashion and music obsessed. Like me.


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