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Hey – I was out last night on Great Jones Street and these kids were too. We were at Partners & Spade for The Eighties At Echo Beach book launch party. It was also the launch event for the latest hey-is-this-a-gallery-or-is-this-a-store-or-both-or-neither revamp of the Partners & Spade space…you gotta check it out if you have a chance…it looks (sort of) like an 80’s southern California surf shop up in there now…perfect for summer! xo

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  1. All these outfits are fab but the fifth one down is my favourite. The red satchel adds a lovely pop of colour to the monochrome.

  2. I agree with Helen – the black and white outfit is my favorite. Classic color combo for summer, and that’s a really good looking red bag. Love her retro sunglasses, too.

    The Styleseer

  3. LOVE. I just adore a beautiful tough girl. Perfect = 70s shades, short shorts, fringe and ink. x

  4. This sounds like so much fun!
    I love crop-top girl…like someone above said, beautiful, and tough. The crop, the fringe, the kick-ass booties. Awesome.

  5. Love it <3

  6. j’adoreeeee the lacey top the first girl is wearing and the fringe sleeve of the girl with the grey shirt

    i just got a similar lacey top from leyendecker los angeles

    lacey shirts and shorts are really in right now i guess!

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