Paper Planes and Celebrity Skin

Mr. Newton was at the Soho Grand for the launch of Paper Planes #03

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  1. Love the styles of the girls…each one reveals a different personality! Great pics!

  2. Hi again! This is so great! I love all the different styles (especially the tights!)
    Unbelievable talent!

    <3 Syd

  3. so cute!! i love krystal simpson and stef skinner!!! are becka diamond and the blonde girl with the green blazer related?

  4. Hi Esther – funny, I love Krystal Simpson too!! I guess that’s obvious since I just posted like 100 pics of her – haha. Seriously though, she’s cool AND very down-to-earth which is an awesome combo – great girl. No, Becka and green blazer are not related. I don’t think Stef Skinner was at this party (Lindsay Lohan was though)…I think you might be confusing my DJ friend Maia with Stef?

  5. Love Becka’s outfit – its matchy matchy in the best possible way. And I love the color.

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