Fly Me To The Moon

Up early today and getting some work done at home…already listened to this about 4 times this morning…thought I would share. Super excited for the new Goldfrapp album on Tuesday! I’ve been out of town for much of this year so far but I’m heading out soon to shoot street fashion today in Manhattan for the first time in 2010. I’ll be sharing those shots with you here soon of course. First though I’ve got well over 100 more photos to post from Paris Fashion Week! xx (P.S. – The weather here is insane today and has been for the last few days – 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky – loving it. Went out yesterday evening to Ryan McGinley’s photo opening in Soho which turned into a big downtown NYC street party with people blocking Grand Street on skateboards and bikes and drinking in the street until the cops and fire dept. came – yay SPRING! “Oh oh oh I got a rocket…”)

From Paris With Love

Hey there – I’m back from Paris and at home in the ‘burg! I’m going to write more later today or tonight…running out now to have a burger at Peter Luger…for now, check out my street style pics from Balmain. xx

Flowers In The Tuileries

Hey – so, umm…guess what? I’m in Paris for Fashion Week! Can you believe it?? We’ve had perfectly clear sunny weather all week…which has been great for shooting street fashion…so many photos to show you guys! I’m running out now to the Louis Vuitton show though…so for now, here are all my photos that I shot at the Dior show in the Tuileries…my favorite show to shoot street style at in the world! xxx Mr. Newton

74 rue Cardinal Lemoine

Not in New York at the moment…somewhere else…here are a few photos I’ve shot around my new neighborhood the last few days…more soon…xx







Jacques Your Body (nsfw)


Hey – I’ve been meaning to post these for a couple of weeks but never got around to it because of deadlines with other photos and stuff. Out at the Westside Gentlemen’s Club during New York Fashion Week for the party thrown by Jacques magazine, Evisu and The Smile. I’m not into strip clubs but this was a great party – this place was even better than Mike’s Apartment! Related side note – I have every issue of Jacques mag and I love it. Can’t wait for the new issue. xx Mr. Newton

The Vajazzling

I love bedazzling as much as the next person – bags, jackets, sweaters, jeans. I’m a fan of some well-chosen and tasteful bling. Someone always has to take things too far though, don’t they?

The Bryant Park Street Style Approach

1. hey
3. would you mind if I take
4. your photo?
(That’s pretty much how we do it here at Mr. Newton! xx)

In The Hood

Olivia on 6th Ave. leaving the Bryant Park tents…


NYFW Street Style…the whole story (Pt. 2)

As promised – here are lots more of my street fashion shots from New York Fashion Week. I hope you guys like them! xxx