Ooze That Girl?

The rain, the mud, the muck, the sun, the humidity, the music, the fun, the fashion, the love – out among the stylish and the brave at Glastonbury 2011. I’m in Calvi, Corsica this weekend for Calvi On The Rocks (more about that soon!)…and it’s really great here…and not muddy…still though, I’ve been thinking back to the fun that I had last weekend at Glastonbury…and I wanted to share a little photo recap with you guys before moving on to other stuff. I shot these on Saturday and Sunday at Glasto – I hope you like ’em! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. wow great!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So many great styles! I love your wellies, and the hats of the police esp.

  3. great pics, nice work.

  4. I love the shot of you jumping!

  5. looveelyy shorts <3

  6. fishnets + wellies? why did i not think of this before?!

  7. You are a great photographer and these are beautiful girls, but this post made me question the short-short and sheer looks, both of which I was considering to explore. It just doesn’t do anyone justice…

  8. I love how much variety in styles there is here!

  9. i want new post :))))

  10. This looks are sooo amazing!!! Thanks for your photos!

  11. The photos are stunning, the fashion styles are great…love them all!

  12. I kinda hate the fact usually, that Mr. Newton publishes sporadically. In the case of this post, not so much hate, as girl number 1, staring out into the world, has to be THE picture of timeless beauty and sex appeal that should be in the Mr. Newton hall of fame. I could look at it every day. Wonderful post. That said, I’m looking forward to your next.

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