I had not seen Ondine for ages when I ran into her at the Hester Street Fair last Saturday. Wow though she seems to be umm, growing up rather nicely…

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  1. I can see that Scarlett Johansson has some competition here! She looks a stunner.

  2. Cuteness. Loving her boots. And the white hotpants
    Very cool

  3. curvy & pretty đŸ™‚ would be nice if more models had her body

  4. Ahh – I’m so glad you guys like her and have left comments! I think she is an absolute stunner and would have been sad if no one agreed. I think that physically she has this great European sexiness…yet her style is classic New York hip/downtown vintage girl. The best of both worlds!

  5. Cute model and the Hester Street market was so much fun too!

  6. her name Ondine – it’s a title of this new film with Farrell and Bachleda…

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