Norwegian Catch

Norway is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty…and speaking of breathtaking Norwegian beauties, here’s cutie pie Hanneli on Lexington Avenue yesterday on her way to the Marc show! She’s looking a bit Jackie O here, no?

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  1. Well it was a really nice bra with semi-sheer leopard print cups and it was meant to very much be a part of the outfit. Here you really only see the bra strap – but in person the way it complemented her outfit was apparent.

  2. She is such a beauty and one of my longest-standing personal style inspirations. She’s always the perfect mix of a variety of things…sporty, feminine, chic, eclectic, etc.

    Alexandra xo

  3. To me, there’s something about bras {if it’s a nice bra} that is extremely fashionable…maybe just because it is unexpected?

    Hanneli is absolutely beautiful…but headed to a Marc show?! That’s twice to be jealous of!

  4. love the suspenders! and love that she didnt worry about her bra strap, too. i always get caught up in those details 🙂


  5. WOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hanneli is stunning!!!!

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