mr. newton x bushwick

Mr. Newton was on the street this past weekend in Bushwick, Brooklyn…


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  1. so cute !!
    PS this is random but… I’ve noticed that SO MANY American girls show off bare legs starting in the first days of spring… whereas we Frenchies keep our tights until it’s unbearably hot ! Do you think there are tips for sexy legs? I want to be in the know 🙂

  2. Your photos are always outstanding. Looking forward to all of them this spring and summer!

  3. where in bushwick were you?!

  4. Hi Le Fashion…umm, I was in a bit of a secret spot in Bushwick…I’m going to email you and tell you more…

  5. Esther – You’re going to get me in trouble talking about women’s bodies – but you asked for my tips for sexy legs – and this is my blog and I can write what I want, right? So here are Mr. Newton’s Dos and Don’ts for Great Summer Legs…

    DO – shave them regularly with a new razor
    DON’T – go hairy hippie

    DO – have fun this summer…yet try to avoid gam damage (gamage?)
    DON’T – load up on the scrapes, cuts, and bruises

    DO – find ways (short shorts are great) to accenuate the length of your legs. I’ve seen really short girls…I mean like girls who are 5 feet tall…with amazingly sexy legs. So it is possible, using your outfit and shoes to create the illusion of leg length, no matter your height.
    DON’T – wear frumpy, dumpy skirts, dresses, or knee-length shorts. Summer is the time to show a bit of skin!

    DO – speaking of skin, do please use some moisturizer on your legs – preferably some moisturizer with just a little bit of shine to it. This not only makes your skin look radiant and healthy, but it will give your leg’s subtle curves some definition.
    DON’T – walk around with flaky, dry skin please

    DO – exercises which create long, lean muscle – like Pilates or yoga
    DON’T – use heavy weights and end up with over-muscled “weight lifter legs”

    DO – walk around with bare legs in the spring – c’mon Frenchies!
    DON’T – wear full tights in warm weather (However – playing with certain elements of legwear in warm weather can be very sexy – kneesocks, thigh highs, sheer knee highs, lacy ankle socks, socks worn with heels or wedges – these are all definitely on the Mr. Newton approved list. See American Apparel for all of your slutty summer legwear needs, of course!)

    DO – have lightly tanned legs
    DON’T – have overly tanned “Jersey Shore” legs

    DO – wear wedges, heels, strappy wedged or heeled sandals, white or floral Docs, granny boots and motorcycle boots with no socks or hidden socks
    DON’T – wear flats or most gladiator sandals

    DO – make the most of what you’ve got!
    DON’T – worry, be happy


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