Mr. Newton – at The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

That’s me – Mr. Newton – at The Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA on Sunday April 22nd during weekend 2 of Coachella 2012. Not to get all personal style blogger on you…but in case you were wondering…my t-shirt is by BOY London – purchased during an all-day shopping and research mission at Selfridges, London on March 14th, 2012…backpack is the new J.Crew “Abingdon”…shorts are from American Apparel – a pair of their midnight navy School Boy long pants that I cut off myself in my hotel room. x

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  1. Ha! Yes, you do seem to have turned personal style blogger on us!

  2. Looking (really) good Mr. Newton. Nice to see you go all style blogger on us 🙂 and loving the DIY cutoffs!

  3. looking super fresh. wish i were there! very jealous of your many travels. thank you for continuing to share!

  4. @Jessie – thank you honey!

    @Sara – aww – careful, I blush easily! 🙂

  5. I’ve seen that BOY t-shirt on many celebrities lately. 🙂

  6. Eddie does this mean you’ll be spending all your time posing and not directing everybody else for us next fashion week? If so, I will make you my muse Eddie!

  7. No Phill – I’ll still be shooting and directing (hehe) both before and after the shows. I am available to model for private portrait sessions while each show is up and running however.

  8. So that’s what you look like! 🙂

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