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Hi everyone – check out my photos from the Acne show and party in Stockholm during Fashion Week by Berns! This was my favorite event of the entire week. Although there were other shows/parties that may have had better separate elements, there were none who pulled everything together as well as Acne. Acne somehow manages to feel very Scandinavian yet truly international as well. This is not easy to do – most brands that command truly international attention end up feeling like they are from nowhere…and everywhere. The inspiration behind the collection this season was Amelia Earhart – loved the key item here – a slightly oversized shearling-lined bomber jacket. Really though, I was mostly there to shoot photos and hang out with friends like Fifi, Alex, Christine, Alec, Skye, and Susie…and loads of other nice Stockholm kids. I’m in Copenhagen at the moment shooting street fashion, but Stockholm is my Scandinavian home base. xx Mr. Newton



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  1. Frida looks super cute!!

  2. Gorgeous people at gorgeous places. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look. I am curious to know what is in the pink Acne bag…



  3. i can’t wait to score me some of those acne wedges. sweetness!


  4. Hey – those Acne bags just had press materials in them – photos and info about the new men’s/women’s collections and stuff. We were all hoping it was some sort of goodie bag! The party was nice though…open bar, yummy food, DJ, Jonny Woo performed, etc. Guess a goodie bag was too much to hope for.

  5. AH i love acne!


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