On Greene Street this week – love the hair, the sheer, the aviators, the boots, and all of her jewelry. She’s killin’ it from head to toe!

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  1. She really is! Love the prada bag x

  2. Oh wow this does seem pretty perfect.

  3. Love that she has the guts to wear the sheer top. It’s chic!

  4. @Leigh + @Kate – agreed. She has beautiful breasts. There’s nothing trashy about her look. It’s straight off the runway.

  5. modelesque is right. i love the spring look to this all black outfit. this is a look i aspire to!

  6. I LOVE how she chose to wear her sheer top sans bra. I wish I could be half that brave! She’s rocking it~

  7. wooooow x

  8. wow rock & chic

  9. she looks gorgeous! i love the sheer top and tights. why is it so unacceptable to show breasts? its natural and beautiful and we shouldn’t conceal ourselves because so many men are perverted.. it makes absolutely no sense that men can show their chest but women cant.. in other countries its totally fine!

  10. she is killing it.. if “it” is cows.. any leather is too much leather. otherwise she looks amazing, i love her top, i want that so bad!

  11. It’s Stella Maxwell! We love her!

  12. If any of you girls have ever lived in NYC you would understand why it would be so award to wear that top! I think she looks great and I was Americans could have more of a European attitude towards sexuality and nudity, but sadly we don’t. Like I said, if she leaves SoHo she’s lucky if someone doesn’t try to touch her!

  13. Wow I should have proof-read that! *awkward *wish What a loser I am!

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