Midnight At Mamushka’s – Miami

Out last night at Mamushka Arts Cafe on NW 36th Street, Miami…we’d had dinner earlier at Joey’s Italian Cafe in Wynwood. As some of you know, I arrived in Miami a week ago – for Art Basel Miami Beach – and I’m sort of dragging my heels about leaving! Can you blame me? Well if you’ve seen what passes for “winter weather” down here (that would be 81 degrees and sunny), you would not blame me. I’ve actually been sitting inside working all day today though – editing loads of Art Basel street style and party pics to show you guys! I’ll be posting Basel photos starting later today/tonight. As for Mamushka’s, I think Kent S. of Chicago, IL did a great job of describing the appeal of the place in his recent Yelp review dated 12.6.11. Over to you, Kent…

“As far as grungy bars go, this place was the ultimate shit show that I was looking for when visiting Miami. I always love a place that still pulls in a massive late night crowd while always, always maintaining a level of filth that keeps the people that I don’t want going there to never return again.
I went here every single night that I was in Miami. Some of those nights I remember and some of them I don’t.
It served as a common grounds for people who really don’t care about much more than getting drunk and kind of dancing. Some might call it pricey, but those people just don’t know how to plan ahead. Sure, it would be kind of annoying that they ran out of the cheaper beer options every night, but that’s a pretty clever business strategy, especially during Basel.
My brand of babes stomped around this place like nobody’s business and that’s all I need to think a bar is great. For those who gave this place 1 star, I’m glad to know that I won’t run into you the next time I’m in Miami.”

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  1. Those are some serious babes.

    That place sounds awesome.

  2. Looks great down there in Florida. Looks like a lot of fun! Snowy and cold here in NY state.

  3. Looks like a special salute in the last picture. That kind you get when someone is oh not so happy to see you…?

  4. love that second look!

  5. I can’t wait to see those Art Basel street style pics!!!!

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