Major Lazer

A stylish mystery cutie that I met on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg – Dec. 2010. I’m loving her laser-cut fur jacket by Ruffian! Also – the thing that really caught my eye – her palette here is sick. The rust-colored fur perfectly complements her dark indigo denim and her oatmeal/beige top. Nicely done! x

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  1. LOVE the jacket!

  2. Hi FashionLifeCoach – it’s a bit hard to tell from a photograph – but in person you could see that the jacket is laser-cut. (Also, she was with the Ruffian kids and Lorenzo Martone when I met her…and Lorenzo pointed out to me that this was a laser-cut fur.)

  3. she’s quite fab!

  4. The color palette here is delightful.

    On an unrelated note, I encourage you to come visit us down south. Savannah has some of the most stylish girls I know, and most of them go to SCAD, which gives the whole city this incredibly artistic feel. I have a feeling you might like it down here.

  5. Dear Eddie,

    i have heard a lot about you, and now seeing your work i can see why all the fuss is about. You have an amazing eye indeed and i haven’t seen one image from what you picked that i didn’t like.

    Following you now, and wishing you wonderful holidays and an amazing New Year!


  6. Dead right on the rust. Marni put that color in every collection with steely blues and pale pinks. You have captured the bright crisp air, and the moment. Lovely thank you!

  7. Hi Leon – thank you very much! I’m really glad that you like the photos. Happy New Year!

  8. Hi MMM – I would LOVE to come shoot “The Girls of SCAD”…that sounds great! I would like to make that happen in the New Year if at all possible. I’m from North Carolina originally…and have lived in Atlanta and Macon…so I have some idea of the sorts of girls and the sort of style that I would find down there.

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