London In The Rain

My favorite street stylers yesterday at London Fashion Week… xxx

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  1. loving those sheer skirts and wide-brim hats!

  2. Love the sweater on the woman in the second to last photo!

  3. Loving your London photos so far!

  4. love! thanks for sharing!

  5. Love Londoner’s quirky style. And Nadia looks stunning as always.

  6. Drooling…not just this post…all of your posts. Sheer skirts and layers. So comfortable.

  7. the third girl looks amazing. i also love the blonde girl with the periwinkle sweater on. she looks extremely chic i love it.


  8. Mr. Newton, you rock! Sartorialist, move over.

  9. Hi, Eddie – so this is where you hang out nowadays! Been trying to find your work since you left the SS blog. Great pictures, as always.

  10. REALLY good shots. Love the couple – epitomize everything that is great about London style.

  11. looooooove blue trousers. can feel the bluey bluey power dream.

  12. Thanks for sharing London style with us. Great photos! You know how to do it just right.

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