Lingerie As Outerwear – with class!

Magdalene works for a great lingerie brand – so perhaps this post should carry a “professionals only – don’t try this at home” warning – except that you can try this look at home (and on the street) if you follow her lead. I spotted her wearing this vintage 1950′s-era corset/girdle piece this week…and often see her around downtown wearing at least one piece of lingerie as outerwear. So how does she do it without looking trashy (not that I mind a bit of a trashy look now and then)?? Well as with so many things fashion-related it’s really just down to her total presentation and a certain je ne sais quoi. The shoes, the hair, the black biker shorts underneath, the look on her face and the way she carries herself…born in India, lived in London, and was carrying a French language course study book when I stopped her…she also told me that she had removed some garter straps and clips from the bottom of this piece because they were a bit too much. Sum total = classy lady! xx Mr. Newton


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