Late Of The Pier

I’m always so excited to shoot street style outside the Alexander Wang show…and this season was no exception. It’s the same feeling I have when shooting at the Dior show in the Tuileries during Paris Fashion Week – the feeling that I’m in the exact right place in this city in this moment and that anything is not only possible but in fact, quite likely. (Though I must say that Pier 94 is just a tiny bit less romantic than Les Tuileries – hehe.) The scene at the show – both outside and inside – is also just loads of fun. If you work in fashion or the art world or do something blog/photography/design-related, it’s like a big ol’ family reunion that happens twice a year…I run into friends from all over the world. Gee thanks, Uncle Al! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. all of my favs! wonderful post!!

  2. ah here’s my answer for the front of the harness–i like the back better, too 🙂

  3. awesome shots….i love how much these people’s personalities come through the lens.

    — the girl smoking, she is adorable….but it looks like her, um…fun spot…is printed on the front of her skirt! on purpose maybe?

    — this basically looks like shoe heaven. i totally am for all the mega-strappy, sky-high heels that’ve been quite popular

  4. aawsome !!

    i luv each photo !!

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