Knocking Boots

At the Louis Vuitton show – a mini-skirt, bare legs, and ankle boots is not an easy look for a civilian to pull off…but when you have a face and legs like this, who’s going to complain? Wow! (Love the scrunched up sleeves on the jacket and the bow tie too!)

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  1. My favourite part of these photos is actually that the policeman is wearing roller blades!!

  2. hold up! the policeman is on roller blades!!!

  3. Love all of these photos. The earlier post for “Come Sail Away” is fab – very rem of a young Bianca Jagger.

  4. It’s Caroline Sieber 🙂

  5. gorgeous girl, incredible shoes <3

  6. BAHAHAHA roller cop!!!! only in paris huh…

  7. She looks so lovely !

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