Hi there – so yesterday, (okay actually it was two days ago but when you don’t sleep then it sort of all blurs together) I had dinner in New York, breakfast in London, and lunch in Paris. Yeah so I’m in Paris at the moment for Mode a Paris - that’s fashion week to you and me. Yayy – Paris! Yayy – Fashion Week! Seriously, I’m so excited to be here and feel so fortunate to be able to travel and shoot street fashion and have adventures. It’s going to be a great week. Speaking of adventures…soon after arriving in Paris yesterday I met up with friends at the apartment where we are staying…and then we all went to the Gareth Pugh show at the Palais de Tokyo. After having a great meal (umm, it was my birthday yesterday) at the retro pizza place near our flat, we then headed over to the cool new bar chacha for the party that Ponystep was throwing for the lovely Mr. Pugh. The suggestion was then made to head over to Le Baron for Lykke Li’s performance…but after setting foot in 3 fashion capitals in less than 24 hours, my final stop was an unglamorous yet comfortable bed. More soon…xx Mr. Newton





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