It’s Oh So Quiet

On the street in Soho…I like to shoot a full-on man repeller as much as the next red-blooded street style photographer…but you don’t always need to make a shout-y outfit statement to catch my eye. Sometimes all that’s needed is soft muted color, a great coat and scarf, a pretty face, and nerd glasses. (I’ve heard similar glasses referred to as “birth control glasses”…but all I can say is, not where I come from. Over here in Hipsterville – aka South Williamsburg – they’re more like an aphrodisiac.) xo

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  1. Love the color combination! And the color of her nails!

  2. She looks lovley, her smile and her outfit are perfect!!

    johanna, sweden

  3. Love that coat!

  4. so pretty and lovely!

  5. Nerd glasses are the only way to go!

  6. Love everything about her look, especially the nails! Lovely splash of color.

  7. “they’re more like an aphrodisiac”… how funny! I love this outfit; so simple and gorgeous.


  8. Hot glasses!

  9. Love the shout out! Hope we cross paths over Fashion Week. I will have Mongolia written across my chest. It’s a promise!

  10. Love this look.

  11. she looks more sexy librarian than man repellant.

  12. The girl is very pretty and nice clothing! Soho is a so pretty part of New York! xx

  13. “birth control glasses” LOL!! I wear glasses more these days than contact lenses, and I just love swapping them around to achieve different looks.

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