Independent’s Day

Hey – so yesterday – on the first day of New York Fashion Week (yay!) – I passed on some runway shows in favor of attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference at the Hudson Hotel. I met Carolina there…

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  1. Beautiful light in the second shot! gorgeous

  2. She’s beautiful. Amazing outfit!

  3. Wow great photos!! The light and the girl and the outfit are perfect! Good job Mr. Newton sir!

  4. ah, howd you enjoy the conference? i’d love to have gone, but i had to work! sigh. wish somehow the two could go together, ha


  5. I really wish I could wear hats! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I was there! Too bad our paths didn’t cross.

    Great snaps, Carolina is a sweetie. Had the pleasure of meeting for lunch with her beau. 🙂


  7. I adore her look! Effortless chic

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