I Heart New York

Hi there – it’s a cold and rainy day in New York. I was just sitting here at the Mr. Newton HQ looking at some magazines I bought this week – good day for that. The new issue of Monocle is great – I especially love their Travel Top 50 list which covers everything from beef curries to European high speed rail service to design-conscious Japanese capsule hotels. I’ve also been torturing myself by flipping through the new summer fashion issues of Russh and Vogue Australia – nice season reversal down there guys! Also – I was really excited at the magazine shop this week to see that 5 of my photos made it into the current “00’s” issue of New York magazine. My shots were part of their decade-spanning timeline of Naughties fashion trends. In case you’re wondering…my snaps were used for “skinny jeans”, “ripped skinny jeans”, “fur again”, “fatigues”, and “thigh-high boots”. Thanks NY mag! xx Mr. Newton



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  1. I recognized the “fur again” pic! Congrats!

  2. I like those style very much!

  3. Hey congrats that’s great!

  4. Ha I saw this and I knew that a couple of those were your photos! 🙂

  5. This is really cool. Good for you your photos are great!

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