I Heart London!

I love when street photographs capture a bit of synchronicity or coincidence…an interesting composition or juxtaposition that might have only existed for a fleeting moment or two…but you were there in that moment…and more importantly, you recognized that moment…and you clicked your shutter at precisely the right time. Cartier-Bresson popularized the notion of “the decisive moment” in street photography…and he talked about the photographer’s eye and intuition and the ability to see when significant moments are about to happen. I love to go out wandering with my camera and see if I can spot some of these moments.

With Ella above though, I captured what appears to be a decisive moment completely by accident. I’d stopped her on my way to lunch after noticing her cool knee socks and shoes. It was only when looking at the photo days later that I noticed she was wearing a sweater with a spray of red hearts across the chest and that the cab she’d been standing near had a personalized plate that said “Eros Cab”. I guess this was more of a lucky-and-oblivious moment…not sure what Hank Bresson would think about that!

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  1. Isn’t it great when this happens? I think Monsieur Cartier-Bresson would approve!

  2. Love her outfit head to toe!

  3. NEED knee socks! I just watched Moonrise Kingdom and between the movie and this shot – I’m running out for some later today. 🙂

  4. @Caity – glad that we’ve provided you with some inspiration today! Have fun shopping! x

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