Hot In The City

The girls of summer – on the street in New York – June 2011. Is it hot in here? Or is it just them?

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  1. wonderful different looks…
    love love love pics number 3 & 6 <3

  2. fantastic looks. you always capture the true fashionistas. i love these photographs. thanks for sharing them.

  3. Cute girl on bicycle! LOVE the looks. So much street style porn in one post.
    LOVE them all. Thanks so much for the mega post! x

  4. You are amazing.

  5. A parade of skinny white girls…as if they’re the only fashionable girls who populate the streets of NYC in the summer.

  6. ooh, third girl down … WHAT are her beautiful shoes ?? anyone know ?

  7. The really amazing photo in this bunch is the woman in the banana earrings. Her name is Marion and she lives in Chicago. I’ve photographed her twice now, once in New York and once in Chicago. I am so happy she made it on to your blog!

  8. Is that one girl in the 6th pic down literally carrying an old binoculars case? Because if she is that’s a really good idea! Oh City I miss you and think I need to make a summer visit. Great pics to put me in a summer mood!

  9. Does anyone know which dress the girl that’s on the fifth pic down is wearing?

  10. Too many bras out! The maxis and the blazer girl with amazing red lips look so much cooler- even if they’re not literally temperature cool.

  11. It is definitely these fashionistas heating up the streets of NY! Each outfit is better than the next- gorgeous!


  12. @JW – those shoes are by Costume National

    @kristi – that dress is by Alice + Olivia

    @cristina – yes that’s a vintage binoculars case – great idea, huh? The color of that one and the amount of wear and tear on it are just right!

    @jessie, @amanda, @amy, @leigh, @claire, @ladykdesigns, @salome – thank you all for your comments. I truly appreciate your support and interest!

  13. SO many great outfits! I really like the photo of the mother with her child. Great post!

  14. this is what I’m talking about! I’ve missed your multi-girl postings xxx

  15. Greetings!

    Would someone please tell CRYSTAL that they are not all skinny white girls…and so what if they are?! 🙂

  16. I would like to mention that the girl in pix #3 in the CoSTUME NATIONAL shoes is well, just absolutely stunning!!

  17. summer in nyc. boobs + bellies are out.
    mr newt is in heaven.

  18. Harley always kills it! Love her look!


  19. These girls are all so beautiful. Lovely pics!

    Hazel Blog

  20. that girl in the third pic with the super red lipstick. perfection.

  21. Can anyone ID the black bra in pic 13? It’s stunning.
    Fantastic looks.

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