Here Comes The Summer Sun

Walking with Shannon recently in Tribeca, I noticed the most amazing light in her hair…she looked almost angelic…so of course I had to take her photo so that you guys could see her too!

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  1. the halo is fitting 🙂
    i love the wash of those jeans and the headband, too.

  2. Amazing pics! Loved the see through tank!

  3. Love the headband, that girl is a cutie 🙂

  4. Angel hair. Her bangles look similar to some I picked up in Marrakech recently…gorgeous!

  5. Absolutely stunning photos! The light is perfect.

  6. She’s an angel walking the streets of New York – I’m telling you! My favorite is the shot on the bottom left. I call her “the third Olsen twin” haha…in that shot especially, I think she looks a lot like Mary-Kate or Ashley.

    Also – Shannon is wearing a great chain headband that she made herself. I’m going to post another shot of her soon so that you guys can see her whole outfit and the headband better…


  7. i love it when the light hits people from behind like that….absolutely beautiful.

    i should invest in a nice little bra so i can rock the see through look…
    she is adorable! looks like somebody i could go get coffee with.

  8. So simple; yet so god damned amazing!

  9. quit your day job… more pictures please!

  10. lovely, what kinda of jeans are those, the wash is great?

  11. Hey Kelsey Elise – those jeans are J Brand bell bottoms.

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