Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yes! Just released today! Finally!!!

Here’s Carly Rae’s brand-new video for “This Kiss” – the latest single off of her new album, “Kiss”. And no I’m not being ironic and no this is not a guilty pleasure. It’s a pleasure, but I have no guilt about it! I love pop music…and dance music…and one-hit wonders (though it looks like she may actually have a career now – which is great)…and I love trendy fashion…and music videos…and the 80’s…and the 90’s.

Things that I specifically love about this video?? The 90’s rave/warehouse party setting – especially when she’s performing and people are going crazy behind her (great job video director dude!)…her hair…the synth-y/80’s/electro vibe of the song itself…her hair…the crop top + graphic jeans + neon orange heels ensemble that she’s wearing at the end (so on-trend Carly/Carly’s stylist!)…the clothes throughout the entire video…her hair. I think two Youtube commenters summed it up best when they said, “she’s like really hot. i freakin love her” and “I LOVE HER HAIR OMG”…

This is seriously one of the best music videos of the year! Make sure to watch it in full-screen mode and in full 1080p HD! x

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