Girls of New York

Hi there – I’m super excited at the moment because I’m heading to the airport later today to fly to Paris for Fashion Week! Can you believe it?? I think I may have the best job in the world! And…if that wasn’t exciting enough…I’ll be arriving early on Wednesday…which happens to be…wait for it…my birthday! And…there’s more…I’ll be heading to London after Paris to hit Portobello Road and Brick Lane markets…and I’ll be shooting London street fashion too of course! You can follow me on Twitter if you want to hear more about my travels. So, Paris photos coming soon…for now, here are more of my shots from New York Fashion Week. I hope Anna doesn’t mind me calling her a girl… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Great photos of some lovely women. Your itinerary for the next couple of weeks sounds so much fun. By the way, Happy Birthday!

  2. Great work, Mr. Newton! A wonderful kaleidoscope! They all look pretty elegant and cool; the second on the left is my favorite!

  3. LOVE these photos! Can’t wait to see who you find in Paris and London!

  4. Great shots as always. I love the mauve fur stole, and how Anna is always true to herself and her style. No matter what people say about her, you can’t deny she has style.

    evie x

  5. I think Motley Crue needs to re-do a song, “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes” to go alongside “Girls, Girls, Girls”….and that would be your ultimate mantra! Because all I can see is beautiful shoes!

    I LOVE the chunky sweater dress–would look absolutely stunning with some yellow heels. And the floppy hat-outfit? Too hot for the streets!

  6. The photograph of Miss Anna Wintour is absolutely fantastic!

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