From Paris With Love

Hey there – I’m back from Paris and at home in the ‘burg! I’m going to write more later today or tonight…running out now to have a burger at Peter Luger…for now, check out my street style pics from Balmain. xx

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  1. i love the lighting on the picture of garance. it’s unreal

  2. WooW! these pictures are awesome!!

  3. Ohhhh j’adooore!!!
    Bravo Monsieur Newton!!!


  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Your blog is amazing!

  5. wow,some stunning outfits!!!

  6. This is the first time I’m commenting but I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for ages
    Please come visit us Down Under
    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your work


  7. Frida’s shoes! Ginta Lapina! <3

  8. Just say NO to the saggy crotch sweatpant.

  9. hey! i just found you.. and that surprises me. beautiful work. stay true.. PLEASE!

    xo alyssa

  10. Is that Garance? She looks great!

  11. Yep Garance. She’s a sweetie!

  12. Such beautiful portraits. It seems like the choices for fur are full head
    to toe or wear a short one as a really short dress. Very inspired executions.

  13. glam womans

  14. Hi kohco – I was glad to see your comment and want to thank you for following my blog. I absolutely love Australia and plan to visit there again soon. A trip Down Under is in the planning stages as we speak – stay tuned!

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