Forever Summer

Hi there – so here (finally!) are all of my photos from the Siren Festival at Coney Island – Saturday July 17th, 2010. We had a really beautiful and hot day weather-wise…and I had so much fun shooting these and hanging out with friends! Siren is definitely one of the things that I always look forward to during the year…when we are stuck in the midst of winter. Once the day actually arrives however, it’s always a little bittersweet. Because Siren generally marks the peak of mid-summer for me…well, it’s sort of hard not to feel that summer is slipping away a bit afterwards. I’ve always tried to hold on to summer as long as possible – I think it goes back to being a kid and not wanting to return to school after summer break! While editing these I was listening to “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry (it seemed to fit my mood)…”We can dance until we die…you and I…we’ll be young forever”… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Holy cow! That’s Jack Ferencz , Garrett Shore and Edith Pop in one picture!

  2. I really love the girl wearing the cat top! I’m obsessed with cat things lately..aha

  3. some of these people look like they are trying way too hard.

  4. Yeah Blake!

  5. Mr. Newton,

    You are seriously the best streetstyle photographer in the world! Your photos are great!!!


  6. I agree with Emma. You’ve really got the touch that a photographer needs to be head and shoulders above most of the others.Wish I could be at Coney Island. The pup is cute.

  7. LOVE those gold cowboy boots in the 3rd photo!

  8. 2 girls and their popsicles.
    they look beautiful, love ALL of your photos!

  9. HAHAHA That dog is the best dressed one! x x

  10. the 2 girls with the popsicles- i would want to be their friend…i can just tell.
    that dog is beyond adorable…looks like my little bud klondike :]

    yesterday i was roaming downtown denver with my bestest of friends, and i thought of this blog…and it made me want to be you, just snapping pics of the cool people we ran into

  11. i love music festival style.. these girls are just too cool. and that dog!!


  12. I’m confused. Is this an Urban Outfitters catalog?

  13. Hi Erin – just did a quick check of my bank account balance…and sadly I can confirm that this is not in fact an Urban Outfitters catalog.

  14. haven’t check in here in quite a while, but I have to say that I always love how you capture all shapes and sizes in such a beautiful and fun manner. Its clear how much you adore what you do!

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